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August 10, 2023

Who Needs Garage Keepers Insurance?

Garage Keepers Liability Insurance—Essential for any NH Auto Business

Whether you’re repairing cars in Bow, NH, towing cars in Hooksett, NH, servicing cars in Concord, NH, testing cars in Allenstown, NH, or simply changing the oil and tires on cars in Goffstown, NH, you will be responsible for the care and custody of someone else’s car or truck or commercial vehicle. If something happens to that vehicle while it is in your control, you will be liable. For that, you will need Garage Keepers Liability Insurance.

What does Garage Keepers Insurance do for your NH Business?

Garage Keepers Insurance protects your business from financial loss in the event of a liability claim. If a third-party vehicle is damaged while in your care and you are held liable for that damage, your Garage Keepers Insurance will protect your business, from both the direct financial costs and indirect financial costs such as legal fees and loss of income.

Is Garage Keepers Insurance only for auto-related businesses?

No, Garage Keepers Insurance is not only for businesses that we traditionally think of as “auto.” It is also appropriate for N.H. businesses like these; 

• If you run a restaurant in New Hampshire that offers valet parking, you should have Garage Keepers Liability Insurance.

• If you have a New Hampshire hotel with parking for guests, you should have Garage Keepers Liability Insurance—even if you don’t offer valet parking.

• If you own a plot of land on which vehicles may be parked for a fee, you should have Garage Keepers Liability Insurance.

• If you have a storage facility where customers can store vehicles long or short-term, you should have Garage Keepers Liability Insurance.

If, during the running of your New Hampshire business, you are responsible for vehicles not owned by you, you need Garage Keepers Liability Insurance.

Still wondering if your NH business needs Garage Keepers Insurance?

The Allied Insurance Agency can help. Based in Bow, NH, our top-rated independent insurance agents have years of experience providing commercial insurance and will be able to put together a Garage Keepers package tailor-made for your business. 

Contact Allied Insurance Agency today for more information on the best commercial garage keepers insurance coverage in Bow, Concord, and Hookset.

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