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new construction project with cranes - Builders' Risk Insurance concept

Builders' Risk Insurance

Builders risk insurance can be obtained by a contractor, a property owner, or a subcontractor. Depending on the construction project it may be a legal requirement, but whether required or not it’s a good idea and will cover in full or in part the cost of damage to a building while under construction.

sorry closed sign on business window - Business Interruption Insurance concept

Business Interruption Insurance

Business interruption insurance covers loss of income caused by damage to your business property. Some policies will also cover additional costs such as relocation or long/short term storage expenses.

business owner talking on phone in home office - Business Owners Package Insurance concept

Business Owners Package Insurance

A business owners insurance policy combines property and liability insurance in one policy. It can also include specific coverages to suit your needs and the particular risks associated with your business.

commerical vans parked lined up - Commercial Auto Insurance concept

Commercial Auto Insurance

Business auto insurance is similar to personal auto insurance but offers more extensive coverage. Policies can be applied to any and all vehicles necessary to the running of your business.

exterior of commercial building - Commercial Property Insurance

Commercial Property Insurance

Whether you own or rent your business premises you need property insurance. It provides cover for the building, its contents, and any exterior fittings. Property insurance is highly customized and it is important that you find the right coverage for your property, your business, and your location.

commerical building exterior with umbrella - Commercial Umbrella Insurance concept

Commercial Umbrella Insurance

Umbrella insurance is insurance for your other policies. When you max out on a particular insurance, or there is a line item that is excluded elsewhere your umbrella insurance will come into play. Typically a low-cost extra, umbrella insurance gives peace of mind and potentially huge value.

connected internet and device concept - Cyber Liability Insurance concept

Cyber Liability Insurance

If your business does anything online you will be at risk from cyber attack. Cyber liability offers coverage for the associated costs that come from a data breach, whether the breach manifests in extortion, reverse social engineering, theft, or fraud. Coverage can include loss of income, legal costs, hardware and software costs, brand identity damage, and more.

male dentist - Dentist Package insurance concept

Dentist Package

Benefits for your employees can make all the difference when it comes to hiring the best people. Dental plans can offer coverage from basic care through to orthodontic, implants, and whitening.

business man looking at laptop - Directors and Officers Liability Insurance concept

Directors and Officers Liability Insurance

At any time a business can be at risk of being sued, and directors and officers of that business can be personally sued for wrongdoing or malpractice of any sort. If that happens, the personal assets of the directors facing legal action and of their spouses, will be protected by directors and officers liability insurance.

business meeting in glass conference room - Employment Practices Liability Insurance concept

Employment Practices Liability Insurance

Win or lose, if an employee makes a claim against your business for malpractice, it can become expensive. Employment Practices Liability Insurance protects you if a current or former employee sues your business for any rights violation.

aerial shot of farm with silos - Farm Insurance concept

Farm Insurance

Farming is a risky business and, while you can't cover every eventuality, farm insurance is essential and far-reaching. Insurance can cover a wide range of areas from dwellings to outbuildings, crops to livestock, employees to personal injury, product contamination to environmental liability.

liability illustration with hand pointing - General Liability Insurance concept

General Liability Insurance

No matter how careful you are, if you own or run a business you may be liable to a lawsuit or third-party claim. If someone is injured on your property, your liability insurance will cover you. If someone is injured by your product, your liability insurance will cover you.

wine and beer glass on bar top - Liquor Liability Insurance concept

Liquor Liability Insurance

Rules regarding the sale of liquor vary from state to state but wherever your business is located if you sell liquor you must have liquor liability insurance. If a customer causes injury after drinking in your establishment you could be held liable. With liquor liability insurance you are protected against some of the high financial repercussions.

robots on manufacturing floor - Manufacturers Insurance concept

Manufacturers Insurance

Manufacturers insurance can vary enormously from insurer to insurer and even from policy to policy. Essentially it protects a business from a variety of events such as the injury of an employee or customer while on the business property, damage caused by equipment or machinery during normal business practice, and even injury or lawsuit brought against an employee working remotely.

boats docked at marina - Marina Insurance concept

Marina Insurance

Running a marina is a very specific business that comes with myriad risk shared by no other. Whenever people and water are in near proximity there is always risk and, while your customers may be individually insured, your marina insurance will protect you from an array of liability and risk concerns.

woman with box with donation sign - Non-Profit Insurance concept

Non-Profit Insurance

Most non-profits are, essentially, businesses and need similar insurance policies. Even if your nonprofit is staffed purely by volunteers, you will still need insurance to protect them while they are working on your behalf.

products on store shelves - Product Liability Insurance concept

Product Liability Insurance

If you make or sell any product you should have product liability insurance. Your product will likely have some sort of warranty or guarantee—even if it's simply that a customer can return it within 30 days. Product liability insurance goes further and protects you in the event that one of your products (which may or may not be faulty) causes bodily harm or property damage.

professional liability insurance typed on paper - Professional Liability concept

Professional Liability (Errors & Omissions) Insurance

Similar to business liability insurance, professional liability insurance covers you when someone claims financial damage caused by a service or advice you provide. It is also known as errors and omissions insurance.

interior of nice bar and restaurant - Restaurant & Bar Insurance concept

Restaurant & Bar Insurance

Food-related illnesses are a genuine fear for a restaurant. While such a claim can damage a restaurant’s reputation it can also bring huge financial costs. Restaurant insurance protects you for general liability, property damage and product liability.

elegant conference dining table - Special Event Insurance concept

Special Event Insurance

Whether you host a special work gathering on your own premises or hire an off-site venue, if you're planning a special event you'll likely need extra insurance. Most special event policies will cover you for property damage, bodily injury, liquor liability, event cancellation, and more.

surety bond typed on paper with eyeglasses - Surety Bonds Insurance concept

Surety Bonds Insurance

If the nature of your business regularly takes you onto other people’s property bond insurance will protect you financially in the event that an employee acts dishonestly or fraudulently, or if a customer claims that your services were not provided as agreed or that you damaged their property while you were on site.

wine makers vineyard storage - Vineyard & Winery Insurance concept

Vineyard & Winery Insurance

Running a vineyard or winery comes with some unusual risks. Hazards include extreme weather events, environmental contamination, pest infestation, wine spoilage or leakage, liability issues—and more. But, despite the uniqueness of the industry, there are many tailormade comprehensive insurance policies designed specifically for wineries, and many that can be customized to suit the needs of any grower or vintner.

worker in inside of warehouse center wholesalers & distributors Insurance concept

Wholesalers & Distributors Insurance

While there is affordable and comprehensive insurance for every wholesaler and distributor, this is not an industry where 'one size fits all.' You may be the distributor of just one product, or you may be distributor a vast range of products. Your distribution area may be extremely local or it may be nationwide. When you're shopping for insurance be sure to choose a broker or agency that truly understands your unique business and will thus find you all the coverage you need.

worker injured on factory floor - workers compensation insurance concept

Workers Compensation Insurance

If an employee is hurt on the job, workers compensation insurance protects both your business and your employee. It offers coverage for loss of earnings, medical and rehab costs, and more. Without workers compensation insurance costs can quickly spiral out of control.

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