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February 27, 2024

What Is An Artisan?

Artisan, a term that evokes images of unique, handmade craftsmanship, quality goods in limited runs – from cheese and bread to ceramics and pottery – and yes, even plumbing and electricity.

Quite surprising, isn’t it? Indeed, it might raise eyebrows wondering how plumbers and electricians might fit into the league of artisans. Well, the reality is, that skilled tradespeople have always been artisans in the true sense of the term.

This term, ‘artisan,' has been part of our lexicon for centuries. Interestingly, it's only recently been chiefly associated with arts and crafts. Nonetheless, in N.H. insurance, the term ‘artisan' retains its original, traditional essence, referring to “a worker in a skilled trade” or, in other words, more relatable to our 21st-century audience, a contractor.

Artisan Insurance, often termed Contractor Insurance, protects any skilled worker or contractor engaged in various trades. This could include plumbers, electricians, HVAC installers, carpenters, roofers, painters, decorators, and even professionals like landscapers and pest exterminators.

At the Allied Insurance Agency in Bow, NH, we cherish our wonderful community of contractors and artisans spread across southern New Hampshire, particularly in the regions of Bow, Hookset, and Concord. No wonder the finest contractors in Bow, NH, prefer us as their go-to destination for securing top-tier artisan contractors insurance in Bow, NH.

What does NH Artisan Insurance cover?

One of the laudable aspects of Artisan Contractors Insurance is its inherent flexibility. It is far from a rigid, one-size-fits-all type of insurance package.

For instance, a plumber based in Hookset would naturally encounter challenges vastly different from those of a landscaper in Concord. Similarly, an HVAC installer in Bow deals with risks unique to their trade, unlike those of a painter/decorator in Bow.

N.H. Artisan Contractors Insurance can thus be effectively customized to seamlessly fit any artisan trade or contractor business. That said, quite a few fundamental elements of the Artisan Contractors Insurance policy would typically remain constant for all contractors. These would include:

General liability
Injury coverage – personal, body, reputation, third party
Medical costs
Actions against or from competitive companies
Errors in judgment by the contractor
Equipment failure
Thefts or acts of vandalism by employees

However, where Artisan Contractors Insurance truly shines is in the specifics. These fine details, though, could make it somewhat daunting to determine precisely the level and type of coverage your contractor business may require.

The Value Of NH Independent Insurance Agents

This is where professional guidance becomes crucial, and that's precisely why an increasingly large number of contractors in areas like Bow, Hookset, and Concord speak highly of the remarkable service provided by the Allied Insurance Agency professional N.H. independent commercial insurance agents.

Contractors need the most efficient New Hampshire artisan contractors insurance catered to suit their specific business requirements and budgets. Our agents at Allied Insurance Agency are equipped with the expertise to present the most suitable insurance package tailored for regional contractors. We understand that your business is unique, so your insurance needs are equally unique.

If you're looking for experience, personalized service, and the most effective NH artisan contractor insurance possible for your artisan business, your search ends here. Visit us today and discover why we're considered the best insurance agency in southern New Hampshire. Reach out to Allied Insurance Agency, your reliable guide in artisan contractor insurance. Let us secure your business, helping you focus on what truly matters—your craft.

Contact us today and discover why Bow, Concord and Hookset, New Hampshire contractors trust Allied Insurance.

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