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February 12, 2024

Reduce the costs of Garage Keepers Insurance at your New Hampshire Auto Business

Any New Hampshire business working with third-party auto vehicles needs Garage Keepers Insurance. This includes businesses involved in: 

Servicing vehicles

Repairing vehicles

Washing vehicles

Valeting vehicles

Storing vehicles

Parking vehicles


Although there is some overlap with Storage Location Insurance, Garage Keepers Insurance is different as it relates specifically to vehicles. 

What is Garage Keepers Insurance and what does it cover?

If you have an auto body shop in Bow, NH, a parking lot in Concord, NH, or a car servicing garage in Hooksett, NH, you need Garage Keepers Insurance. 

Unlike Garage Liability Insurance, which covers damage to other property, Garage Keepers Insurance for your New Hampshire auto business covers you against damage to a customer’s vehicle while it is in your care. Our top New Hampshire commerical insurance agents can help you determine what coverage your business needs. 

How does Garage Keepers Insurance cover your New Hampshire auto business?

With a Garage Keepers Insurance policy, your NH auto business is covered for the following risks:

Damage incurred as a result of a collision: one of your employees is driving a customer’s car from your business location in Bow, NH, to a location in Hooksett, NH, and is involved in an accident. Your Garage Keepers Insurance will protect you against the costs of repair to the customer’s car.

Fire: A fire at your Concord, NH, premises damaged several customer vehicles. Garage Keepers Insurance will cover the costs of their repair or replacement.

Severe weather: During a severe hail storm, a customer’s car is damaged in your Bow, NH, parking lot. Garage Keepers Insurance will take care of the costs.

Theft or Vandalism: A customer’s truck is stolen or vandalized while in your Hooksett, NH, repair shop. Garage Keepers insurance will cover the costs. 

What does Garage Keepers Insurance not cover?

Personal belongings that a customer leaves in their car

Damage caused by war or terrorism

Damage caused by defective parts or bad workmanship

Removable stereo equipment

Inhouse theft

 What affects the costs of Garage Keepers Insurance for your New Hampshire auto business?

Multiple elements affect the cost of Garage Keepers Insurance for a business in Bow, Hooksett, Concord, or any location in southern New Hampshire. The principal elements are: 

The size, type, and location of the auto business

The types and numbers of vehicles kept on-site at the auto business

The level of coverage

The level of the deductible         

How can I reduce the costs of Garage Keepers Insurance for my New Hampshire auto business?

All insurance premiums can be reduced by raising the deductible and Garage Keepers Insurance is no different. But there are also other ways to reduce the costs:

Some insurance companies will offer reductions in premiums if you set up autopay.

Some insurance policies can be bundled together to reduce costs.

Not all insurance policies are created equal, and shopping around will reveal discounts or simple cost discrepancies.

Reducing risks can reduce premiums: improve security at your business locations, offer more relative training to employees, and relocate to a safer part of town. 

There are many variables when it comes to Garage Keepers Insurance, but how and where do you start?


One of the best ways to save money on insurance is to use an independent agent. Allied Insurance Agency of Bow, NH, has worked with independent auto businesses in the Bow, Hooksett, and Concord areas for many years. We save you time and money by researching the best possible Garage Keepers Insurance for your business, ensuring you get the best value for money by reducing costs without limiting coverage. Learn more about our NH commercial insurance coverage available.

 Take the guesswork out of your New Hampshire Garage Keepers Insurance. 

Contact Allied Insurance today for the best commercial garage keepers and garage liability insurance advice in the Bow, Concord, and Hooksett areas. 

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