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June 29, 2023

Do You Need Both Garage Liability Insurance And Garage Keepers Insurance For Your NH automotive business?

All NH commercial businesses involving motor vehicles—storage, service, towing, selling, autobody, and repair—should have Garage Liability Insurance. 

If I Have N.H. Business Liability Insurance, Do I Need Garage Liability Insurance?

Unlike other business insurance policies, Garage Liability Insurance is aimed specifically at businesses within the automotive industry. If you have a service garage or parking garage in Bow, NH, if you run an auto dealership anywhere in New Hampshire, or offer tow-truck service in Hookset, if your Concord, NH, service garage repairs automobiles, trucks, or commercial vehicles, you need N.H. Garage Liability Insurance. 

What Is N.H. Garage Liability Insurance?

Garage Liability Insurance does what it says: it provides financial protection for your NH auto business if you are found responsible for an accident that occurs because of normal operations within your shop, garage, or extended premises. For more details about the top Garage Liability Insurance offered by the Allied Insurance Agency in Bow, NH, see our previous blog: What is Commercial Garage Insurance for Your NH Business?

Essentially Garage Liability Insurance is an umbrella liability insurance that can be combined with other additional coverage, which offers specific protections, like Garage Keepers Insurance. 

What Is Garage Keepers Insurance?

The most common additional insurance coverage for automotive businesses in Bow, Concord, and Hookset, is Garage Keepers Insurance. Garage Keepers Insurance offers financial protection for any vehicle in the care, custody, or control of your automotive business but which you do not own. 

What Does Garage Keepers Insurance Cover?

If a customer’s vehicle is damaged while waiting for service at your Hookset, NH, auto body shop, you will likely not be covered by your Garage Liability Insurance but will be covered by your Garage Keepers Insurance.

If a car is vandalized while parked in your Concord, NH, parking lot, you will not be protected by your Garage Liability Insurance but will be protected by your Garage Keepers Insurance.

There are subtle differences between Garage Liability Insurance and Garage Keepers Insurance, but at Allied Insurance Agency in Bow, NH, our top independent insurance agents will always make sure you have the right type of commercial insurance and the right level of insurance.

Contact Allied Insurance Agency today for more information on the best commercial garage liability and garage keepers insurance coverage in Bow, Concord, and Hookset.

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