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September 11, 2023

Artisan Contractors Insurance and Why HVAC Contractors in New Hampshire Need It

Every HVAC contractor knows that the job comes with risk—risk of injury, risk of tool theft or damage, risk of damage to a property, risk of property damage after the job is completed.

No matter how careful you are when working as a New Hampshire HVAC contractor, not every job will go right every time, and accidents will happen. An employee will make a mistake or suffer an injury, a pipe will leak, a unit will fail. That’s why every HVAC contractor working in southern New Hampshire needs artisan insurance written specifically for the HVAC trade.

Why is Artisan Insurance Essential for an HVAC Contractor in New Hampshire?

Whether you’re installing a new HVAC system in Bow, NH, replacing an older HVAC unit in Hooksett, NH, expanding a domestic HVAC set up in Concord, NH, or redesigning a commercial HVAC heating and cooling system in Allenstown, New Hampshire, you will need Insurance. Artisan Insurance is a strictly liability insurance that can be tailored to suit your HVAC business needs and budget.

What Does Artisan Insurance Cover for an HVAC Contractor?

Artisan Insurance, also known as Contractors Insurance and Artisan Contractor’s Insurance, offers an HVAC contractor insurance coverage for:

• Employee injury—an employee is injured on the job and your Hooksett HVAC business is liable…your artisan insurance has you covered.

• Tool theft—one of your HVAC tools is stolen from a job site in Concord, NH…your contractors insurance has you covered.

• Accidental fire—a faulty wiring installation in the HVAC causes a fire in the customer’s premises and your HVAC business in Bow, New Hampshire, is liable… your artisan contractor’s insurance will cover your costs.

• Completed operations liability—damage is caused to a customer’s property in Concord, NH, after the HVAC installation or HVAC service work is complete and your HVAC business is held liable, your artisan contractor’s insurance has you covered.

Artisan Insurance Specific to the HVAC Industry in New Hampshire

Artisan Insurance covers a full range of liabilities from General Liability to Contractors Equipment Liability, to Employee Injury Liability, to Auto Liability. For your Hooksett, New Hampshire, HVAC business you can pick and choose your Artisan Insurance to fit your needs precisely. You can choose not only the type of Artisan Insurance coverage you need but also the level of Artisan Insurance you need.

Why Choose Local Contractors Insurance for a NH HVAC Business

When shopping for insurance for your HVAC business, it pays to use a local agency. Based in Bow, New Hampshire, Allied Insurance has intimate knowledge of the needs and issues unique to local Bow, Hooksett, Concord, and Allenstown HVAC contractors. Allied Insurance has the best New Hampshire insurance agents who understand small business needs and specifically HVAC and other Contractors’ insurance needs.

Want to know more about Artisan Contractors Insurance for your New Hampshire HVAC business?

Call Allied Insurance today for a free consultation—we can help you save money on your HVAC insurance, get the right coverage, and if the worst happens, your HVAC business will have a local agent you know and trust. Contact Allied Insurance and find out more about the best Contractor’s Insurance for HVAC contractors in Bow, Concord, and Hooksett, New Hampshire. 

Contact us today and discover why Bow, Concord and Hookset, New Hampshire HVAC contractors trust Allied Insurance.

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