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December 7, 2023

How Is Artisan Contractor’s Insurance Different From Other Insurance?

An HVAC contractor in Bow, NH, had recently completed the installation of a new heating system at a Hookset, NH, home. The family was away for the weekend but had left the heat on. The frigid temperatures over the next few days should have been no problem, but the pipes froze and burst when the heating on the second floor failed. The water damage was extensive and permeated the house's second and first floors. The Bow, NH, HVAC contractor was found liable. Fortunately, as well as their business owner’s insurance, they also had artisan contractor’s insurance. 

Winters in New Hampshire, even Southern New Hampshire, are cold. Recent trends might suggest a general warming year on year, but it just takes one cold snap to freeze pipes and wreak havoc. When pipes in Bow, Hookset, and Concord, N.H. freeze, who’s liable? 

Who needs Artisan Contractor’s Insurance?

Artisans specialize in specific construction areas, such as electrical work, plumbing repairs and installation, HVAC service, repairs, and upgrades. Often, a general contractor hires artisans to focus on particular areas of a bigger project. But just as often, artisans work on smaller one-off projects working directly with the property owner. No matter which model, an artisan contractor needs specific insurance—Artisan Contractor’s Insurance. 

Do you need Artisan Contractor's Insurance if you have business owner’s insurance?

On top of the general coverage provided by business owners’ insurance, the best Artisan Contractor’s Insurance focuses on the specific needs of the artisan’s trade. Coverage can include: 

property damage

cleanup costs

damage to equipment and tools while being used on, transported to, or left on a job site

bodily injury

damage caused by mistakes

financial loss caused by delays

legal costs, and more 

If you are a Hookset, NH, electrician, and an electrical fire starts because of a faulty switch that your business installed…your Artisan Contractor’s Insurance will have you covered. 

If you are a plumber based in Concord, NH, and during the course of a new bathroom installation, a small flood causes significant damage to the home…your Artisan Contractor’s Insurance has you covered. 

If you are an HVAC installer in Bow, NH, and the heating fails, contributing to frozen and burst pipes…your Artisan Contractor’s Insurance has you covered. 

NH specialists require specialist insurance.
Our independent insurance agents can help you determine the best N.H. commercial insurance for your business.  

For the small business owner looking for insurance advice it’s always best to talk to an expert, even to meet face to face. At the Allied Insurance Agency, we offer not only the best Artisan Contractor’s Insurance coverage, the best Artisan Contractor’s Insurance advice, and the best Artisan Contractor’s Insurance prices, but we do so with decades of experience. 

You work in Bow, NH? So do we. Your customers value local contractors for local work and you value local support for your local artisan business. 

Talk to a top agent at the Allied Insurance Agency today. We’ll help you cut costs and increase benefits…your business is ours. 

Contact us today and discover why Bow, Concord and Hookset, New Hampshire contractors trust Allied Insurance.

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