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July 27, 2023

Electrician’s Insurance in NH, What do you Need to be Properly Covered?

What Does A NH Electrical Contractor Need For Insurance?

All contractors and specialist technicians in New Hampshire need insurance. None more so than electrical contractors. Electricity and risk go hand in hand, and at any moment a bad connection can disconnect even the most highly skilled electrician. But with the right insurance, a liability claim won’t close you down. 

Basic Insurance For Any NH Electrician Should Include:

• General Liability

• Loss of business income

• Auto insurance

• Worker’s compensation insurance

But with the business of an electrical contractor is highly specialized and it calls for specialized insurance: Artisan Contractor’s Insurance for Electricians.

What Does Artisan Contractor’s Insurance Do?

Artisan Contractor’s Insurance offers general liability insurance for specialist businesses.

Is Insurance For Electrical Contractors Expensive?

Because of the unique higher risks inherent in electrical work, insurance for NH electricians can also come with higher premiums. But that shouldn’t tempt you to cut corners. At the Allied Insurance Agency in Bow, NH, we are familiar with the risks involved in electrical work and the costs involved. We have the best insurance agents able to put together quality Artisan Contractor’s Insurance packages to fit every electrical contractor’s business plan and budget.

What’s Included In Artisan Contractor’s Insurance?

An Allied Insurance Artisan Contractor’s Insurance policy will cover liability claims for

• Personal and third-party injury

• Professional liability

• Property damage

• Medical claims

• Contract delays due to equipment failure or breakdown 

Each Allied Insurance Artisan Contractor’s Insurance policy for electrical contractors in Bow, Concord, Hookset and all of N.H. is tailored for the individual business—if you run a one-man operation, your needs will be different from those of a multi-employee business. If you only do residential work, you probably don’t need insurance written for commercial-property contractors.

More Training May Lower Premiums

Electricity is become more high-tech, and customers are demanding more complex electrical systems. It takes time and effort to stay ahead of the game, top of the list is making sure your skilled NH electricians have the best up-to-date training. But did you know that more training may help to lower your insurance premiums? 

Just as you know it’s important to keep up with the latest electrical innovations, we know it’s as important to stay on top of your insurance needs, making sure your policies are in line with the electrical work and risks you face every day. You’re the best electrician in the Concord, NH, region…you deserve the best Artisan Contractor’s Insurance in NH and we are here to power you. 

Contact Allied Insurance Agency for the best artisan contractor insurance coverage for plumbers in Bow, Concord and Hooksett, N.H. 

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