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September 28, 2023

What’s the Difference between Commercial Garage, Garage Keepers, and Commercial Auto Insurance in New Hampshire?

As the owner of an automotive business offering oil and tire changes, breakdown and recovery services, and general auto repair and maintenance in the Bow, Concord, and Hooksett, New Hampshire area, you know you need Commercial Garage Insurance. But do you also know that while Commercial Garage Insurance has many layers and offers excellent coverage for many auto-industry elements, it doesn’t cover everything.

What Does Commercial Garage Insurance Cover?

Commercial Garage Insurance offers liability coverage from general liability to bodily injury liability, to property damage liability. But for coverage regarding your customer’s vehicles, while they are in the care of your garage, you will need Garage Keeper’s Insurance.

What Does Garage Keeper’s Insurance Cover?

While your Commercial Garage Insurance will cover you for liability, Garage Keeper’s Insurance covers the cost of damage incurred by a customer’s vehicle while in your garage. However, neither your Commercial Garage Insurance nor your Garage Keeper’s Insurance will cover your own work vehicles. For your automotive business vehicles, you need Commercial Auto Insurance.

What Does Commercial Auto Insurance Cover?

Commercial Auto Insurance is for trucks and other vehicles used for specific work. If your New Hampshire automotive business has a tow truck, that tow truck will need to be insured with Commercial Auto Insurance. If you offer roadside assistance in Bow, Concord, or Hooksett, New Hampshire, you will need Commercial Auto Insurance. Like Personal Auto Insurance, Commercial Auto Insurance offers cover for liability, collision, medical and personal injury costs, and comprehensive liability.

Which Insurance Do I Need for my New Hampshire Automotive Business?

As an automotive service business, it’s important to have the right insurance. But it’s not always easy to figure out exactly which insurance and what level of insurance you need. The best insurance agency is your local insurance agency. If your automotive business is in Bow, Concord, or Hooksett, choose a quality insurance agency like Allied Insurance in Bow, New Hampshire. By choosing a local insurance agency that’s been here for a while and understands both the automotive industry and your local New Hampshire area, you will know you’re getting the right insurance for your garage.

To learn more about Commercial Garage Insurance, Garage Keeper’s Insurance, and Commercial Auto Insurance and which you need, contact a top insurance agent at Allied Insurance in Bow, New Hampshire, and let them find the right automotive insurance policies for you.

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