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January 25, 2024

Even Small Restaurants Need Cyber Coverage As Part Of Restaurant Insurance

Even before the recent changes in social behavior any business that accepted payment via credit card, used a computer or mobile device to sell, make reservations, or store confidential custom information such as telephone numbers or credit cards was susceptible to cyber crime. That continues to be true today.

As the owner of a New Hampshire small restaurant, you may think you’re an unlikely target, but oftentimes it’s the smaller unprotected businesses that have the most appeal to the criminal.

The service provider who handles your credit card transactions is duty bound to make the service as secure as possible but they are not ultimately responsible if your restaurant suffers a data breach—that responsibility is on you, the restaurant owner.

Cyber crime can range from extortion (ransomware) to reverse social engineering (when a hacker infiltrates your system and diverts monies paid to and intended for you) to straight fraud (a cyber criminal pretends to be you).

Our independent insurance agents can help you determine the best N.H. commercial insurance for your business.  

As a restaurant owner you will daily have numerous reservations or orders that will be accompanied by a credit card number, a name, and a telephone number; if your restaurant offers delivery, then chances are you will also have the address attached to that credit card…a data breach that hacks into all that customer data could be catastrophic to your business. Talking to one of our top commercial insurance agents in New Hampshire can help you decide what is appropriate.

The danger is typically unseen and goes undetected before it is too late. And an attack may not necessarily come from without. At least one of your employees will have access to passwords, user names, backup codes… If that employee is unhappy or bears a grudge they can be very dangerous. If they act on their discontent and steal data from your customers or other employees, you will be responsible.

So, when you hire an IT person, or are thinking of handing over access to sensitive data to one of your trusted employees, be sure you’ve carried out stringent background checks and that you’re providing a good and happy working environment.

When it comes to cyber crime your restaurant general liability insurance is unlikely to give you coverage. But if your restaurant has cyber insurance you will, at least, have coverage for much of the associated costs that come with a data breach.

The cost of cyber insurance for restaurants varies depending on the level of required coverage and the size of your restaurant business.  

Talk to an agent today. We have multiple cyber experts who can guide you through the intricacies and details and ensure that your restaurant will have the right coverage if the worst happens.

Contact us for the best commercial restaurant insurance in Bow, Concord, Hookset and all of New Hampshire.

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